You can struggle alone with on-line marketing, or you can ask us for help

Together, we’ll identify the products or services that make you the most money and choose the right on-line tools to promote their sales. The result might be an idea for a series of videos for social networks, perhaps an in-store competition or a change in the website structure.

We never write analyses that just end up in your drawer. We implement every idea in practice and check whether it works for your customers – making sure your marketing costs soon earn enough to pay for themselves.

naše služby

There are 3 paths towards higher earnings

Funční web

Functional website

More and more people are doing their shopping on their mobile phones and via Facebook. However, many on-line stores still deny potential customers this opportunity. It’s too expensive and too complicated for them to purchase a responsive design. For this reason, we have developed a system that incorporates all these features – you just have to set it up and run it, possibly with the odd modification. It includes links to popular price comparison sites, marketing plug-ins such as discount coupons and an unlimited number of items and categories.

Podpora prodeje

Sales promotion

Do you have a well-designed website or an established store but lack customers? We’ll help you find them and bring them in.

We’ll apply a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes everything from offline tools to SEO, PPC, an e-mailing campaign and competitions. Sounds a bit scattergun? Don’t worry, we’ll always go step by step and carefully measure the results.

sociální sítě

Social networks

Being famous is even better than being searchable. Because then the competition tends to disappear – people know that if they’re buying a chair, they’re buying it from you. That’s the direction we’ll be guiding you in. We’ll not force you to publish three times a week on your Facebook page or purchase expensive fans. Instead, we’ll get your company to websites where customers are already available. Through interesting content and well-targeted advertising.

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